& In a rapidly changing market, the ability to quickly produce products in line with market requirements has become the key to success, but often we will encounter such a problem is that customer to you that there is only one model of physical samples or hand, there is no drawings or CAD data files, engineers can not be precise about the size, the more complanied manufacturing molds. Sculpture using traditional methods, the long duration of the effect of the poor, this time you need an integrated solution: data from the samples → → products, reverse engineering system for the manufacturing industry with a new, highly efficient manufacturing of three-dimensional line.
     & Reverse engineering is usually ad hoc approach to the implementation of the work of a generic model. Products tend to be not the original design file, but to entrust the delivery of a sample unit or model, such as the sabot mold, golf heads, toys, electrical shell structure, please copy the production units (Copy) out. A copy of the traditional method is to use three-dimensional sculpture or three-by mode hydraulic milling machine to produce one-to-one ratio into the mold, etc., and then mass production. (Analog type。 This approach is called analog (Analog type) copy, can not create a workpiece image size can not do anything to shape changes gradually to the new digital system to replace the reverse engineering.
     & Reverse engineering is a high-speed three-dimensional laser scanner on the sample or model has been accurate, high-speed scanning, by its three-dimensional contour data, with the reverse march to the reconstruction software, and online reconstruction of the surface accuracy of analysis, evaluation of structural effects, the final generation of STP or STL data, which will be able to carry out rapid prototyping or CNC machining CNC. In addition, CAM can also be passed on some systems (such as: UG, MASTERCAM, SMARTCAM, etc.), so set the tool path, NC code generated by the CNC machine tools will be processed by the entity.STL data processed by the fault surface, directly from the laser rapid prototyping approach produced entities.
      & Reverse engineering a wide range of applications, there are mold manufacturing, toys, games, electronics, shoes, golf industry, the arts industry, medical engineering and product design and so on.

High-precision, high-density, high-speed 
Line using advanced laser scanning technology to obtain fast and accurate three-dimensional surface data points per second up to 10000 points

 Four omni-directional scanning
X, Y, Z axis plus a rotating disk, can be omni-directional scanning of workpiece different angles, scanning information automatically superimposed.

Check the number of dual-CCD camera
CCD camera from the two groups from several different directions, a significant reduction in measured dead-end, with the Four omni-directional scanning to scan up to 150mm depth of field, data can be an entire workpiece to obtain complete and accurate.

High-precision measurement of two-dimensional images
Using CCD camera, 40 times zoom, high-precision data to obtain two-dimensional objects.


 Successful development of products

Gypsum sludge -> Reverse Engineering -> 3D modeling -> Structure Design
--> -> Mock-up making -> Mold Design -> Production guidance